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    How can optimisation solutions improve governance?

    Public services can rely on automation tools to cut costs and provide a streamlined service.
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    Government services are often left lagging behind in their efforts to upgrade technological resources, with the investment putting off management who feel that the return would not be sufficient to justify the expenditure. With a digital transformation plan, that is now beginning to change as more and more government organisations at all levels consider the use of such resources.

    Digital transformation is the process of bringing services and organisations into the 21st century with the latest tools to help streamline procedures and cut costs. At the same time, the technology enables crucial public services to provide an improved experience on what matters most to the public. Using tools like Enterprise Content Management, this can all become possible with such a plan.

    Many nations, even those amongst the slowest to bring their governments online, are now considering a move into such technology to see what it has to offer. Whether it is resolving some of the biggest challenges in governance, such as complicated administration procedures and an overwhelming amount of documentation, or offering new opportunities, such as increasing transparency by making public records easily available online, there is a clear result available for the investment of delving into a digital transformation plan.

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    One of the biggest costs of public service for governments is in labour, so it is vital to ensure that services are utilising their staff to achieve maximum productivity. These optimisation solutions are pivotal to assuring that well-trained and highly educated staff are busy working on complex tasks, allowing the technology to take care of menial administration tasks such as data inputting and filing. This can lead to cut costs but also provide a better service, which is a key goal for decision making politicians who will be keen to provide the best service possible in order to retain votes.

    Streamlining of such processes is a key part of governments following the example of private sector businesses as they adapt to new technology. Whilst corporations have reacted to take advantage of these new tools and resources to cut costs and increase profits, government’s reluctance to invest has seen public services fall behind and, with pressure on services to be more efficient than ever, the situation must change. Now, with a clear return on investment and countless examples of success of digital transformation plans in the private sector, it is the ideal time for public sector organisations to consider a move into the latest technology. By providing a long-term foundation for cost cutting and service improvements for years to come, public services can ensure that they are adapting a sustainable approach to the challenge of facing up to new technology and using it to their advantage in the modern world.

    How can automation be applied to government services?

    Gaining efficiency is a key objective in the public sector.

    • Make the urban planning process simple

      Make the urban planning process simple

      Urban planning generates an immense amount of documentation. Business optimisation solutions enable governments to provide a central hub for all of this documentation, making it more simple for interested residents to look up the files that they are searching for.  Such automation also saves time for staff, who are no longer required to spend time searching through files after a request from a member of the public, instead being able to instantly locate documentation in the online system and direct citizens to the relevant link. 

      Make the urban planning process simple
      Make the urban planning process simple

      Business optimisation solutions enable governments to provide a central hub for all urban planning documentation.

    • Streamline the social benefits system

      Streamline the social benefits system

      For a significant proportion of the population, an efficient social benefits system is what can make or break their decision of who to vote for in an election and reflects on their view of government. As such, ensuring that it runs without any problems is crucial.  Enterprise Content Management can be pivotal to making the process more productive, transparent and auditable. By gathering all documentation into the system, users and staff can equally access what they need and search for the files they’re looking for, resolving a big challenge in social care.

      Streamline the social benefits system
      Streamline the social benefits system

      Enterprise Content Management can make social benefit documentation accessible.

    • Provide access to public records

      Provide access to public records

      More than ever, the public is demanding digital access to their records. Governments who fail to keep up the pace with their counterparts risk humiliation and questions surrounding transparency. As such a vital aspect of ensuring that the public are supplied with the accessibility that they demand from their government, people are keen to have the ability to consult to their personal information as well as other public records such as government meeting notes and legal documents.

      Provide access to public records
      Provide access to public records

      More than ever, the public demands insights into personal and government information.

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    How to take care of information security

    Security is crucial for governments. Protection of information should be a priority for any public organisation.

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